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Japanese Handmade Leather Case

Japanese Handmade Leather Case

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Handmade genuine leather sketchpad case made by local Tokyo artist Chiaki Usui.

A5 clipboard covered in a leather bag with a handle attached and a pen case inside.

Unleash your creativity.

A perfect companion to draw your designs and ideas while sipping a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop.

  • Size
  • 24.5 cm × 25 cm (9.64 inch × 9.84 inch)

  • Material
  • -Kip leather processed in Japan

     (Soft and smooth cowhide leather from 6 months to two years)

    -High-quality glove snap from the HASHI-HATO series made by a Japanese manufacturer, Abe Hatome Co.,Ltd.

    -All the metal parts including the glove snap are made of iron

    • Leather Color Variation

    Please choose the color of the leather from 14 colors below:

    1013: Natural

    1007: Smoke Yellow

    1020: MontBlanc

    1011: Brown Red

    1021: Mocha

    1017: Blue

    1010: Choco

    !004: Sepia

    1001: Antique

    1008: Olive

    1000: Burgundy

    1011: WineRed

    1019: Grape

    1018: Navy

    • Metal Color Variation

    Please choose the color of the glove snap and other metal parts from 3 colors below:



     -Antique Gold

  • Option for free
  • Engraving a name inside 

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